I am a professor of pediatrics and a bone marrow transplant physician at the Children's Medical Center Dallas. My research interests are in immune recovery after bone marrow transplant and the supportive care of bone marrow transplant recipients.
Victor Aquino, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
UT Southwestern Medical Center
AIMS Speaker
Ms. Butch was employed by Michigan Medicine Department of Pathology and the Blood Bank before retiring and doing consulting in laboratory management. She is certified as clinical laboratory scientist, a specialist in blood banking technology, as a Diplomate in Laboratory Management, and has published multiple books and articles about computers, management and auditing. Ms. Butch is active in professional organizations including the AABB, ASCLS, and ICCBBA. 
Suzanne Butch, MLS(ASCP)SBB, DLM
Pathology Administration
Michigan Medicine
AIMS Speaker
Brett Dunlap is a Medical Laboratory Scientist who works with LifeShare Blood Center in Shreveport, LA. After working nearly four years in the Immunohematology Reference Lab, she is now full time in the Scientific Support molecular lab. Prior to working for LifeShare Blood Center, she worked in the blood bank at St. Dominic¿s Hospital in Jackson, MS for three years. Brett holds a BS in Management and Marketing and a MS in Medical Laboratory Science from the University of Southern Mississippi. She is also a new graduate of the LifeShare Blood Center SBB program. 
Brett Dunlap MS, MLS(ASCP)
Medical Laboratory Scientist II
Lifeshare Blood Center
AIMS Speaker
Eric A. Gehrie, M.D. is an Assistant Professor of Pathology with a joint appointment in Surgery. He is medical director of the blood bank at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, and is the associate director of the pathology residency program. He is a board certified clinical pathologist with subspecialty board certification in transfusion medicine.
Eric Gehrie, MD
Medical Director
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
AIMS Speaker
Laboratory Director with over 20 years of experience in blood center blood banking. I am truly passionate about our field and love being able to work in patient, donor, and product testing daily. 
Phyllis Haines, MLS(ASCP)CM SBB
Director of Laboratory Services
The Blood Center
AIMS Speaker
Laboratory Director with over 20 years of experience in blood center blood banking. I am truly passionate about our field and love being able to work in patient, donor, and product testing daily. 
Janis Hamilton, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB
Manager, Immunohematology Reference Laboratory
American Red Cross-Southeastern Michigan Region
AIMS Speaker
Trina Horn is the Manager of the National Molecular Laboratory at the American Red Cross located here in Philadelphia where she has over 12 years of experience in molecular blood group genetics. She is a certified MLT(ASCP) and received her Bachelor and Master of Science in Biotechnology from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. She has over 17 years of experience as a Blood Bank Technologist in multiple large center city hospitals and was certified as a Specialist in Blood Banking by the ASCP in 2014.
Trina Horn, MS, MLT(ASCP)SBB
Manager, National Molecular Laboratory
American Red Cross
AIMS Speaker
A Med Tech by initial training, I've been in blood banking for over 20 years and love both educating as well as constantly learning as this industry changes.
Monica  Kalvelage, MS, MT(ASCP)MB, SBB
Chief Operations Officer
LifeShare Blood Center
AIMS Speaker
Dr. Keller is the Senior Director of the AABB accredited American Red Cross National Molecular Laboratory in Philadelphia where she is involved in both donor and patient testing for red blood cell and platelet antigens. She is adjunct Associate Professor at Thomas Jefferson University. Margaret Keller received her PhD in molecular genetics from the University of Pennsylvania. She is American Red Cross liaison to the Molecular Testing Standards Unit of the AABB and a member of the ISBT Working Party on Blood Group Allele Terminology and Immunogenetics. She is molecular editor of the journal Immunohematology.  
Margaret Keller, PhD
Senior Director, National Molecular Laboratory
American Red Cross
AIMS Speaker
Chris Lough, M.D. earned his Doctor of Medicine degree at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, completed residency in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at the University of Kentucky, and served as the Transfusion Medicine fellow at Hoxworth Blood Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Lough¿s areas of interest are the immunohematology reference laboratory, molecular testing, donor testing, process improvement, and promoting education regarding appropriate transfusion therapy. He is board certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, as well as Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine. He enjoys spending time with his 2-year-old son, raises livestock, and is a bourbon whiskey writer/enthusiast.
Chris Lough, MD
Vice President of Medical Services
LifeSouth Community Blood Centers, Inc.
AIMS Speaker
Sandra Nance is the Senior Director for Immunohematology Reference Laboratories for the American Red Cross providing leadership to the American Rare Donor Program, National Reference Laboratory for Blood Group Serology and Specialized Testing and Process Design for 45 Immunohematology Reference Laboratories across the United States. She is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Division of Transfusion Medicine & Therapeutic Pathology Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. She has a master¿s degree in Pathology from the University of Maryland and received her SBB from the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. 
Sandra Nance, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB
Senior Director, IRLs
American Red Cross
AIMS Speaker
John Moulds Memorial Lecturer
I am the associate medical director at BioBridge Global. I have been in my position for the last 4 years. Prior to my position at BioBridge Global, I completed a fellowship in blood banking and transfusion medicine.
Samantha Ngamsuntikul, MD
Associate Medical Director
South Texas Blood and Tissue Center
AIMS Speaker
Dr Rogers has been caring for children with hemoglobinopathies and managing their transfusion needs at Children's Medical Center/UT Southwestern for more than 30 years. As Professor of Pediatrics and former clinical head of the Hematology program she has a longstanding interest in maximizing collaboration between the lab and the clinic. She is speaking to us today about the Clinical Care of Children with Thalassemia. 
Zora Rogers, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
UT Southwestern
AIMS Speaker
Currently I am a Clinical Laboratory Supervisor in the Immunohematology Reference Laboratory at Vitalant - Arizona that services facilities in Arizona and surrounding states. Prior to starting in the IRL in 2014, I spent five years as a generalist in Des Moines and two years in microbiology at Mayo Clinic Hospital - Phoenix. In 2018, I completed the Specialist in Blood Banking program at LifeShare and obtained my ASCP SBB certification. Outside of work I enjoy cooking, spending time out with friends and family, attending concerts and cuddling up with my cats watching a good show or playing video games.
IRL Clinical Laboratory Supervisor
AIMS Speaker