April 28 - 29, 2018
Renaissance Phoenix Glendale

Industry Workshops
Thurs, May 25

Cerus Corporation    
Ensuring Hospital Readiness to Receive and Transfuse Pathogen Reduced Blood Products – A Case for Success
In recent years, the US blood transfusion industry has expressed significant concerns regarding bacterial contamination of blood components.  The continued emergence of pathogens, such as Zika virus, has also presented challenges to the safety of the blood supply.   As a result, FDA released a Guidance to mitigate the risk of a Zika virus transfusion transmitted infection (TTI).  In addition the FDA issued a Draft Guidance to mitigate the risk of bacterial contamination of platelets. Both of these Guidances describe pathogen reduction as an option to address TTI risks related to Zika virus and bacteria. As a result, there are currently over 20 US centers distributing INTERCEPT platelets to hospitals, and more than 20 additional blood centers contracted.  Hospital readiness to receive transfusion-ready pathogen reduced platelet and plasma components is imperative to a smooth implementation and reliable product availability.  This symposium will describe essential considerations needed for hospital readiness related to the onboarding of pathogen reduced blood components. The discussion will include aspects such as Information Systems updates, Blood Bank operations and policy updates, new ISBT and outpatient reimbursement product codes, and a hospital wide educational in-service program.

Cynthia Robbins, RPH, BSPharm, Director, Hospital Education and Implementation, Cerus Corporation 
Thurs, May 25

LightIntegra Technology         
Microparticles: A Vital Sign for Blood Cells
Evidence of the importance of microparticles has significantly increased in recent years. It is becoming clear that microparticles play important roles in red blood cell quality as well as in vivo platelet function. Understanding microparticle content is, therefore, a critical aspect of blood products for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services. Through her research as a Canadian Blood Services scientist, and more recently as the inventor of the microparticle device ThromboLUX, Dr. Elisabeth Maurer has become an expert in microparticles. In this presentation, Dr. Maurer will explore the fundamentals of microparticles, as well, how routine microparticle testing can categorize blood products, manage blood bank inventory and improve patient care.

  Elisabeth Maure, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, LightIntegra Technology

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